About Us

OPW ~ Bradfield Flower Farm was set up in 2018 following growing and designing all of the flowers for a family wedding and igniting a passion for growing.
It was an expansion and rebrand of the established
 wedding photography business and the name
OPW (Our Pretty Wedding) was a regular term used during the wedding planning and stuck!

Nowadays the focus is very much just on growing cut flowers, predominantly for the wholesale market with the odd flourish of events & arrangements.

Although much of the wedding business was seriously impacted by the pandemic the flowers continued to provide hope and solace during a terrible time.

We are locally known as Bradfield Flower Farm and other than DIY buckets weddings are not part of the business anymore but OPW remains our trademark.

Although no formal horticultural qualifications, studies in ornithology and environmental sciences were a passion of both Joanna & Lauren. There is a family history of growing flowers also and a vast amount of knowledge gained from years of growing and studying specific collections grown on the farm, that self taught knowledge has been a steep learning curve for all.

Their ethos is to grow beautiful flowers using their safe and sustainable methods, maintain and create wild spaces to encourage wildlife to thrive.